#listof 10 funniest movie deaths 11/24/20

Kevin Gootee’s picks

  1. Samuel L Jackson in Deep Blue Sea- A shark comes out of a small pool of water and eats Nick Fury. YES YOU SHOULD LAUGH AND I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!
  2. Robocop- Emil driving a fan into toxic waste and then getting run over is so over the top and insanely imaginative.
  3. Commando- Schwarzenegger throwing a circular saw blade into a soldier’s head, scalping him. There can EASILY be 186 more Arnold killing people deaths.
  4. Big Trouble in Little China- Thunder holding his breath after seeing a dead David Lo Pan and then holding his breath until blowing up. This had to be the inspiration for Weird Al doing the Fat video.
  5. Dumb and Dumb hot pepper scene- Laughed my balls off when they sneak a bunch of hot peppers into the hitman’s sandwich. Then when his ulcer acts up and falls to the ground, Lloyd and Harry point and laugh hysterically at him dying. Cinema verite at its finest.
  6. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom- Mola Ram pulling out a still beating heart- Mum mum, she bi! This needs no explanation.
  7. Nightmare on Elm Street 4. The girl turns into a bug and then Freddy crushes her in a roach trap. And then he drops the old Raid commercial slogan, “they get in but can’t get out.” This is when NOES REALLY got silly but again, give credit where credit is due.
  8. True Lies- Arnold shoots the main terrorist off on a missile. Pure nonsense combined with a typical Arnold cliche we all love…”you’re fired.”
  9. Scream-Rose McGowan gets stuck in a dog door within a garage door…with her nips ready to cut glass
  10. John Wick- He killed a dude with a pencil. I don’t care how many times this makes our list of 10, this is just pure hilarity.

Kevin Israel’s picks

  1. Boba Fett (Return of the Jedi) – One of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe gets accidentally killed by a blind and flailing Han, then he gets swallowed by a sand monster after only like three lines of dialogue….or did he?
  2. Acid explosion (Robocop) – This poor schmuck get a tump of toxic waste dumped on him then gets splatted by a car. I’m not gonna lie, this terrified me as a kid. But now that I’m an adult….hysterical!!
  3. Handzapper (Batman) – One of the most Joker things that’s happened on the big screen, Nicholson’s crown prince of crim zaps a mob boss with the old hand-buzzer handshake. Except this buzzer has about 1000000 volts! Hilarious! 
  4. Head on a stick (Tropic Thunder) – when the gang is taken to the middle of the jungle to create a more realistic setting for their war movie, the director steps on a VERY real landmine and gets blown to bits! It’s only funny when Ben Stiller starts playing with the head thinking its a prop…he even licks the blood!The weight of it all
  5. (Pain and Gain) – A 45lbs plate accidentally dropping on a guy’s head is pretty funny…until you find out it ACTUALLY happened. Then it’s incredibly funny!
  6. Piped in Matrix (Commando) – we were just talking about this one on the podcast. No 80s action flick was complete without a ridiculous killing of a bad guy and a badass one-liner form our hero. Arndold impales the villain with a steampipe and what days he say?? Wait for it…wait for it…”Let off some steam!” When does the Governator get his Netflix special???
  7. Nuked Gremlin (Gremlins) – you know what happens to a Gremlin in the microwave? Same thing that happens to everything else!
  8. Meat on a can (Jurassic Park) – we can all agree that you’re never more vulnerable than when you’re sitting on the toilet. That’s only worse when a Tyrannosaurus Rex is waiting outside. He’s not patient.
  9. Rankor (Return of the Jedi) – This one wasn’t supposed to be funny, but it was. When Luke got the better of Jabba by killing his prized pet I laughed my little ass off.
  10. Why’d the jump? (The Other Guys) – Sure we thought the Rock and Sam were going to have a big part in the movie, but there was no death more ridiculous than watching these two bad ass action heroes jump off a building and plummet to their death for no reason whatsoever!

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