#listof10 cities in movies you’d want to live in 12/7/20

KG’s picks in no particular order.

  1. Hill Valley (Back to the Future) I mean, it says right on the sign, a nice place to live. Sure, there’s a resident asshole and a real ball buster principal but what town doesn’t have at least 2.
  2. Los Angeles (Demolition Man in 2032) I mean, you see how clean it is? And all the bums lived below ground. Yeah, there was a sadist mayor. And there wasn’t much/any sex. But they did have Dan Cortese singing in Taco Bell…
  3. Los Angeles (Entourage) Not an ugly person to be seen, the ladies are always wearing 2 piece bikinis and nothing below an 8. Sign me up. Yes, I’m horribly shallow.
  4. NYC (Eyes Wide Shut) Of course, pesky murders won’t stop me from trying to find that masked orgy in that mansion. I already know the password, Fidelio.
  5. Blade Runner (LA 2019) I’m a sucker for flying cars and interactive billboards in a dystopian future setting.
  6. Toon Town (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) You mean I get to hang out with my all time favorite cartoons on their home turf? Yes and!
  7. Hawaii (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) I’m ambivalent on the film, I just needed something to get Hawaii on this list.
  8. Springfield (Simpsons movie) See reason #6. And maybe I can see Patty and Selma naked too!
  9. Winnetka, Illinois (Every John Hughes film) Yep, that’s the Uncle Buck house, Home Alone, every suburban setup in his films.
  10. Las Vegas (Original or remake Oceans 11) Would’ve love to seen Vegas in the 60’s. Would’ve bet there are were more shenanigans in the 60’s than current.

Kevin Israel’s picks.

  1. Wakanda – I feel like this super high-tech African society is open-minded enough to let a Jewish guy move in.
  2. Asgard – Kinda the same reason as Wakanda.
  3. Atlantas – Yeah, it’s Wakanda under the sea, but I’d probably have a better chance with my membership because…you know.
  4. Themyscira – Ok, I get it. The comic book movie city thing is getting tired. But hey, if I happened to wash up on an island of all warrior women, I might not be rushing to find the first ferry home…all I’m saying.
  5. Cloud City- This place just looks cool and it’s run by Lando. Who doesn’t want to live in the clouds? Just don’t get drunk and go for a long walk.
  6. Gotham – Sure, there’s nothing actually appealing about this town, but the chance to run into Batman is worth the violence, crime and corruption.
  7. Bedrock – OK, hear me out on this one, I’ve always wanted to drive one of these feet-propelled cars and I kinda have a dinosaur obsession.
  8. San Angeles (Demolition Man) – I want to live here for one reason and one reason only…to find out what the three shells do!! (And the sex headset, but I covered that in another list)
  9. The Shire – This place always looked so warm and cozy! I do hate bare feet though, so that might be a problem. I’m also not down with quests. Maybe never mind on this one.
  10. The Matrix – this one is a risk, and I’m not sure it’s an actual place, but if I get to dodge bullets and hangout with the lady in the red dress, sign me up!

Author: gtscpodcast