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Top 10 Marvel Movies

  1. Captain America: First Avenger – This might not be the “best” Marvel movie, but it’s my favorite. It’s a flawless origin story and a great period piece that combines science fiction with a real feel war movie. I can do this all day.
  2. Captain America: Winter Soldier – Cap keeps it going with an awesome espionage movie. Incredibly rewatchable and action packed.
  3. Ironman- The MCU’s second best origin (in my opinion) story and the one that set the tone for everything we’ve seen since.
  4. Avengers: Infinity War – This is an epic monster that brought it all together. And for being such a huge movie, it’s very rewatchable. 
  5. Avengers: End Game – Avengers, assemble. That’s it, that’s the whole post.
  6. Avengers – We knew what we were building to, but we finally got to see Earth’s mightiest heroes together. And it was AWESOME! This movie still holds up even though Cap’s costume seems a little cheesy. 
  7. Thor Ragnarok – God, I love this movie. Thor finds his tone as a comedic hero and it works great with the Hulk. I hope we can see these two together again. This movie is just fun.
  8. Guardians of the Galaxy – The first MCU movie that took us to space and with a lighter tone. The entire cast had great chemistry. Funny, fun and exciting.
  9. Blade – Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Not only does this one hold up, but it’s the movie that REALLY kicked things off for Marvel and showed us that superhero movies could be serious.
  10. Logan – I am a HUGE Wolverine fan, and while Jackman was great in other movies, this is the first one to get Logan right. An emotional rollercoaster that really hits you in the gut. I just wish they could have found this tone in a few movies before they kill old kaknuckle head off. Here’s to hoping they do him proper in the MCU

KG’s pick (in no particular order)

  1. Thor Ragnarok- Hilarious and Israel brought up all the key points. Also rescued this franchise from the ashes.
  2. Logan- They ended this franchise the PERFECT way.
  3. X-Men Days of Future Past- They nailed time travel with new and old characters with panache.
  4. Blade- FIRST Marvel black superhero (Not Black Panther) and Snipes was PERFECT as the Daywalker. And let’s not forget a fan-fucking-tastic soundtrack to boot.
  5. Captain America 2 Winter Solider- I wasn’t really impressed with one (It’s FINE) but holy shit, did the Russo brothers take this into the ionosphere. The twist was solid and I LOVED the scene where the computer Hydra explains the story and calls in an airstrike.
  6. Avengers Endgame-Amazing conclusion and we just did it on the podcast. What a battle finale, loved it.
  7. Avengers Infinity War- What a beautiful setup and story line. Again, Israel hit the key points.
  8. Iron Man- I bet RDJ has a weekly standing appointment to blow Jon Favreau to resurrect his career and make him a hundred millionaire.
  9. X2- This and DOFP were the ONLY two good films in the franchise. Although our guest, Task, would vehemently disagree. I loved the conversion to the Brotherhood for Pyro and others. And Lady Deathstrike was fantastic, wish she got more screen time in other films somehow.
  10. Deadpool- Surprised Israel omitted this one from the list. Van Wilder as the foul mouthed merc was the perfect casting and a great story combined with the BEST Stan Lee Cameo, EVER.

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