More cutesy poo movie quotes to look cool

KG movie quote of the week:

Out for Justice: (1991)

“Anyone seen Richie? Anyone know why he did Bobby Lupo? I’m gonna keep comin’ back till someone remembers seeing’ Richie.”

You can walk into a bar and yell that out with several people nodding and laughing. Out for Justice is your typical early 90s action cheese with PRIME STEVEN SEAGAL. And this quote perfectly embodies that era.

“We named the dog, Indiana!” – Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989)

  • When Indy’s father calls the adventurer by his given name, Henry Jones, Jr., the fedora’d hero says he likes Indiana. Annoyed, Henry Jones, Sr. explains that Indiana was the family dog’s name. 
  • I love this quote, I saw it all the time. Usually when someone corrects me…about anything. Often, it makes no sense, but I don’t really care. There’s never a bad time for an Indiana Jones quote. No ticket! (See?)

Author: gtscpodcast