More fantastic movie quotes 11/27/20

Kevin Israel’s pick

With us entering the holiday season, this bad Jew wants to share his favorite holiday quotes. We’re kicking it off with my all-time fav.”Grace, she passed away 30 years ago!” – Christmas Vacation

  • When a very confused Aunt Bethany is asked to say the blessing, she thinks she’s being asked about a long-deceased relative.
  • I think I’ve said this line at every family dinner┬ásince I saw this movie. It’s gotten to the point where my niece rolls her eyes and says, “OK, Uncle Kevin, just say it.” It never gets old!

Kevin Gootee’s pick:

“That’s a weird accent you have there, where is that from?” “South Jersey.”

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot 2019

Look, there wasn’t much that great about this film but man, did I belly laugh when I heard this. If you’re not from Jersey, you wouldn’t get it. And if you’re not, here’s the deal. South Jersey people have a Philly accent. North Jersey has a NY accent. Central Jersey has a neutral or sometimes hybrid. And yes, there is a central Jersey. Zero discussion.

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