More movie quotes that inspired us 11/3/20

Kevin Gootee’s picks:

In honor of Sean Connery dying, here are 2 of my favorite quotes of his:

Goldfinger 1964: “Run along honey, man talk.” As he slaps her on the ass…ahhh the good ol’ days of insanely blatant misogyny. Mannnn, that shit wouldn’t fly for a microsecond in 2020. Nonetheless, I jokingly do that to my wife.

The Rock 1996: “Your best? Losers whine about doing their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.” AHHHH, a refreshing dose of fighting against the participation trophy crew. Now get and there and DO IT!

Kevin Israel’s pick:

“Tweeter, do you think you’ll enjoy prison?”

Varsity Blues (1999)

  • Party boy and pre-Gronk, Tweeter is telling his buddy, Mox, about the perfect mix of beer and narcotics to get a woman to….uh….you know. 
  • Leaving aside the fact that this scene would never make the cut in today’s climate,  my buddies and I have said this dozens of times over the years. Usually when someone suggests something completely ridiculous or regales us with an outlandish story.

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