More movie shenanigans in, “THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN.” 10/5/21

KG laments:

Are we done with the hacky trope where someone smacks the dashboard, console, or computer and voila, that fixes the problem! Back to the Future, Commando, Aliens…That NEVER worked and the only time hitting the dashboard would do is change the radio station. Cut that shit out, Hollywood, THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN.

Kevin Israel laments:

My first “That Doesn’t Happen” blog was about movie characters finding car keys in sun visors, this blog will follow that theme closely. Did you ever step into a brand new car on the showroom floor, turn they key, and fire that baby up? No! Of course you didn’t, because dealerships don’t just leave keys in their cars. And they definitely don’t let you turn the car on inside the dealership. Know why? Because they don’t want all their customers asphyxiating on carbonmonoxoide! In movies this is common practice. Sometimes, the hero or villain even drives the car out of the showroom – either buying it in cash or stealing it. But you know what? That doesn’t happen!

Author: gtscpodcast

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