More movie silliness we enjoyed calling out in this week’s THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 11/2/21


We did Big on the podcast for an upcoming episode and wow, there a LOT of TDH moments. And I’m not talking about the kid turning into a man. Let’s talk about an insane thing that Penny Marshall, a Bronx native, PUT IN HER OWN MOVIE. There’s a scene where Elizabeth Perkins and John Heard are driving to work IN MANHATTAN. For all of you not familiar with the Manhattan commute; NO ONE DRIVES TO WORK IN MANHATTAN IF YOU LIVE IN MANHATTAN. You take the subway, cab, limo, walk, bike. That’s an EGREGIOUS TDH


Dummies get rewarded. Movies love selling us on the idea that stupidity can be a virtue and, if you’re an earnest dummy, you can come out on top. Look at some movie idiots – Wayne, Harry & Lloyd, every character who Adam Sandler ever played – all morons and they all win (sorta). But the real world is not so nice, especially to those among us who are dumb. So if you think it will all be OK because you’re an idiot, but a nice idiot, I have some news for you – that doesn’t happen

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