More movies in which regular stuff…That DOESN’T HAPPEN! 3/8/21

KG’s choice: Yeah, let’s talk about when families in films come into money and say the corniest bullshit like, “we don’t need money, we have love and that’s all we need.” AND THEN THEY TURN AWAY THE MONEY! Yeah, love doesn’t pay mortgage, trips to Disney World, and sex changes. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN.

Kevin Israel’s choice:

Give me a beer. Ever notice in movies, they just walk into a bar, ask for a beer, and the bartender gives them…a beer. Imagine asking a real bartender for “a beer”? He’d laugh at you and spit in your face. OK, maybe not spit in your face. Now I get there are copyright issues and whatnot, but just make a brand up. Maybe, the SWG should agree on a universal brand of beer and this won’t be an issue. But now the next time when you see the movie’s hero sidle up to a bar and order “a beer,” you’ll scream – THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN!

Author: gtscpodcast