Movie general tomfoolery that shall be announced in THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN GTSC podcast 11/28/21

KG won’t stand for:

We just watched Dumb and Dumber for the podcast and would you believe there’s a metric ton of TDH in this film? Yep, I jest you not. But when the trooper just takes a hit of the “beer” and can’t IMMEDIATELY smell that it’s piss? Yeah, THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN. We’ve all drank a ton of moose piss beer but we know when it’s Natty light or Asparagus light.

KI won’t stand for:

Whenever I’m about to get into a street brawl, I like to set the tone by rolling my neck a few times and really cracking all the vertebrae. It’s such an intimidating way to kick off a fight, except…that doesn’t happen – unless you’re in a movie. Look, I haven’t been in many fights in my day, but I’ve never seen anyone do this. I’ve never seen pro fighters do it, or backyard brawlers. Sure, we’ve all seen fighters roll their necks, but not the ultra dramatic neck pops that we’ve come to expect in the movies. I think if my neck ever cracked that loudly, I’d throw up.

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