Movie news 1/12/21 You excited about Deadpool 3?

Kevin Israel’s news:

Rated R Deadpool! That’s right, Kevin Feige just announced that Disney is moving head with Deadpool 3 and it will be rated R! Feige said that you just couldn’t do Deadpool as a PG-13 movie. He’s right! In Feige we trust. It is going to be awesome seeing how they incorporate the merc with a mouth into the MCU. He will likely appear after mutants have been introduced. I really want to see Deadpool and Rocket go head to head. Big things happening in the MCU.

KG’s take: There was absolutely no way they could make DP3 (Deadpool, not double penetration, you animals) PG-13, we all know that’s the kiss of death. My movie news is Netflix continues to amaze me. They’re bringing out the high caliber stars in Netflix original films: Gadot, DiCaprio, Ryan Reynolds, the Rock, and Chris Hemsworth. They’re planning on releasing a film a week for 2021 and wow, this is going to take out a leg of the “regular” Hollywood film industry. Now with the shutdown, can Netflix and other streaming channels make the movie theater as extinct as Michael Richards’s career?

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