Movie news 2/25/21

2 pieces of movie new from KG:

  1. Glory, glory hallejullah! Movie theaters are reopening in NYC at reduced capacity.
  2. You know I love Transformers but I’m not excited at the idea of the Beast Wars movie. BW came out after my time so I never jumped onto it. From what I gather, it’s completely different than the Autobots/Decepticons battles we’re used to. I heard people like it but for the reasons I cited, I’m giving less than 1.5 fucks.

Kevin Israel:

Two titles cards just dropped today for the new Spider-Man movie. One says Spider-Man: Homewrecker, the other is Spiderman: Phone Home. Both play on the “home” theme in the previous two Spidey MCU films. It’s likely that neither are real and the film makers (and cast) are trolling their fans. I love it. It’s fun that the MCU (and Daddy Disney) acknowledges the fervor with which fans follow these developments for any nuggets. Keep it coming…and what the HELL is going on in WandaVision??

Author: gtscpodcast