Movie news 3/11/21 We just scooped TMZ with these gems

Kevin Gootee’s pick:

Do you give a shit about a live Q&A for Lord of the Rings? I sure don’t but Peter Jackson is touring Alama Drafthouse movie theater chains for all of you LOTR nerds. I couldn’t think of a more boring event than a Q&A for films that have 4 hour director cuts of each film. What questions could you possibly when you have 12 hours of answers? Ugh, you nerds are insufferable.

Kevin Israel’s choice:

The upcoming Space Jam 2 movie is creating some controversy around its cartoon stars. Pepe Le Pew won’t be on board due to the character’s tendency to force himself on unsuspecting female cats and actor/comedian, Gabriel Igelesias, is catching some flack for his voicing of Speedy Gonzales, a Mexican rat who has often been accused of being stereotypical and offensive. I’m not going to talk about these specific issues, because I’m not looking to get cancelled, but I would like to know – does anyone really care about Space Jam 2. I always thought this was just LeBron’s way of checking off all the MJ boxes.

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