Movie news that annoyed us 9/8/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Gootee reports:

Just when you think after a blowup weekend for Shang Chi that people are not afraid to go back into the theater, Paramount has yanked 2 films from this year’s schedule and postponed them for 2022. We have to wait for Jackass 4 until Feb of next year. Top Gun 2 comes out next Memorial Day. And goddamnit, I have to wait even LONGER to see Mission Impossible 7 as that’s been pushed to Sept 30th of 2022. FUCK PARAMOUNT, CUT THIS BULLSHIT OUT ALREADY.

Kevin Israel reports:

The Matrix 4 teaser trailer just dropped and, by the time you read this, there will be a full trailer. I’m against this movie as the previous two sequels really shit on the awesomeness of the original. But, the teaser did get me a little excited. It featured some new characters, an apparently young Morpheus (Sorry Mr. Fishburn), and a bearded Neo (John Wick in the Matrix?!). Look, I don’t think this movie is going shatter any new ground, but the minute of footage in the trailer got me a little excited. I’m still not sure which pill I’ll take, but I may be closer to the red pill.

Author: gtscpodcast