Movie news that gets the GTSC podcast boys all tingly in their nether regions. 6/24/21

Kevin Israel’s scoop:

Kevin Hart recently confirmed that his “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” remake with Will Smith is still in the works. Now, I didn’t even know this was happening, but…c’mon. This movie was great because of Steve Martin and John Candy. The 1987 original was a classic that highlighted the chemistry and comedic timing of these two legendary comedy actors. We do NOT need a remake of this. Kevin Hart has his lane and there is no denying that he’s a comedy juggernaut…but, c’mon Kev…come up with your own properties. I guaran-damn-tee you that if this movie is released, it will bomb. You heard it here first. 

Kevin Gootee’s scoop

Jesus KI, it doesn’t take Jeanne Dixon and her horoscope wheel to tell you that people are going to shun the shit out of that film. I just watched the trailer for the new Snake Eyes film coming out in late July. The first 2 Gi Joe films were complete llama abortions. So the bar is low for me here and if you’ve seen the trailer, it’s pretty vanilla, battle scenes notwithstanding. Looks like you’re going to see how Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes became friends then enemies. The plot does have some GI Joe/Cobra intertwinement as you see the Baroness as well as what looks like Scarlett. Will I see this in the theater? I may have to wait for fan reviews on this one.

Author: gtscpodcast