Movie news that may make you wrinkle an eyebrow 11/12/21 GTSC podcast

Israel’s Movie News

It was just revealed that Henry Cavill will be raking in $1 million per episode for his Netflix series, Witcher. At about the same time he expressed interest in playing the MCU’s Captain Britain, and hinted that he might not be done as Superman. Look Hank, relax. We get it. You’re having, as they say, a moment. You’re charming, annoyingly handsome, built like a Roman statue, and you’re rich. Could you possibly leave something for the rest of us? I mean, do you want a day numbed after you? Maybe a month – Hanktember? All of that said, we need you back as Superman.

Gootee’s Movie News

They’re delaying Beast Wars until 2023. And I could give two rusty nail fucks about that. Beast Wars came WAY after I stopped watching TF. I tried getting into it but I really can’t wrap my arms around the characters I grew up with as animals for the sake of holding onto a ready made franchise. I’ll keep yelling till I’m blue in the face or pass out from my BP going over 300: MAKE A FILM THAT FOCUSES ON THE CYBERTRONIAN WARS. Bumblebee movie did that for a grand total of 7 minutes and it was the best parts of film BY FAR. THAT’S what people want to see.

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