Movie news that shook us to the roots (not really) GTSC podcast 10/7/21

Kevin Gootee reports:

It’s no secret I’m a big James Bond fan but I just read the director admitted today that he was still writing the screenplay AFTER FILMING HAD WRAPPED. Never a good sign when you’re righting after the fact but not doing reshoots?

Kevin Israel reports:

Rumor has it that Colin Farrell’s Penguin from “The Batman” is getting his own TV Show on HBO Max. I’m cautiously optimistic about the new Batman, but I can tell you what I hate – making shows out of tertiary characters and wondering why the support is lackluster. Nobody wants a show about Batman without Batman. They tried it with “Gotham” and it was terrible. There is SO much story out there for all of these comic book characters, don’t reinvent the wheel. Audiences can understand the multiverse, so give us different versions of the characters that we clearly want to see! It’s not that hard. Ugh….friggin Penguin.

Author: gtscpodcast