Movie news that you’ll tell your Valentine before you give them a shitty gift 2/10/21

Kevin Israel’s news (Yes, this is a new article):

I’m writing this more because KG hates it than an actual interest in the news – Justice League: The Snyder Cut trailer will drop on Valentine’s Day. That’s right, we’re going to see what this four-hour long megalith has in store in just a few days. We already know it will be rated R and tracks at over 240 minutes long. Snyder himself calls this version “an entirely new thing,” and the movie is expected to be vastly different from the Whedon version released in theaters. I know my co-host rails against it, but I think it’s an interesting experiment to see if it will be all that much better. I liked so many elements from the DCEU. Caville is a great Superman, I really liked Ben’s Batman, and Gal is obviously THE Wonder woman of our era. But the movies have gone from “meh” to flat out abysmal, so could TSC breathe new life into this franchise? Probably not, but here’s to hoping!


Christ almighty, KI loves this JL cut more than his wife, I think. If this is his idea of a Valentine’s day gift, he’ll be on the couch for 2 weeks. My news is Fast and Furious 9 comes out this April. Am I psyched for Fast 9, not really. Even seeing Han at the end of the trailer (HE FUCKING DIED 6 FILMS AGO) was meh for me. But why I’m excited is if Universal wants to put out Fast and the Furious 9 in April, it means they’re ready to start unleashing current movies back in the theaters. Thank christ because this way, you won’t have to see us reviewing movies from 15 years ago.

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