Movie news you can count down for at the new year 12/29/21 GTSC podcast

KG chimes in with:

People railed on about how 2020 sucked but I’m going to one up you and say 2021 was WAY WORSE than last year. Plus, guess who got Covid (real mild symptoms, I’m fine) but it fucked up Christmas and the week off afterwards) And to put a goddamn cherry on top of this dogshit year, THEY DELAYED JOHN WICK 4 AGAIN! We’re not going to see Keanu kill people with pencils until Q1 of 2023. So we’re left with the shitty taste of Matrix 4 in our mouths until then. Watch them delay the new MI and Jackass movies just to get one more kidney shot in before the clock strikes midnight in 2 days…

Author: gtscpodcast