Movie nonsense that we’re all over, THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 1/19/21

Kevin Israel has a bone to pick with:

Everyone is a Seal…or Ranger. Ever notice every badass in a movie is special forces? Seals, Rangers, Delta. Seems to me that everyone who ever enlisted is a certified killer. I’ve met a ton of people who have served but not a single special forces operator. I guess I just haven’t been in enough life of death situations related to geopolitical crises. My bad.

Kevin Gootee has a bone to pick with:

Look, we’ve seen enough horror films where the good guy unloads 5 shots in the chest and NONE in the head. I saw Scream 5 this weekend. THEY EVEN TALK ABOUT ALWAYS SHOOTING THEM IN THE HEAD TO MAKE SURE THEYRE DEAD. And of course, one character does the same in this film AND THEN GOES BACK TO PUT ONE IN GHOSTFACE’S SKULL. Take a guess what happens to that character. Yep, on the receiving end of an OJ Simpson sculpture.

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