Movie quotes 6/1/21 to drop at your next bingo outing GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s quote:

“Check, check, check!” Rounders (1998)

My buddies and I watched Rounders countless times and we still recite this quote, When John Malkovich’s Teddy KGB gets beat straight up by Matt Damon’s Mike McDermott, Teddy becomes enraged and blurts this out. Leaving aside Makovich’s terrible Russian accent, this line is great for anytime someone is boring you or wasting your time. Make sure to really play up the Ruskie!

“Very good…but brick not hit back.” Bloodsport (1988)

JCVD’s best film is chock FULL of quotes. At the Kumite, he must break a break to prove he’s worthwhile to fight. He shatters the bottom brick within a stack and Chong Li, the reigning badass (who also taught me how to flex my “pecs”) gives the quote. So try that out when someone hits that punch machine at Dave and Buster’s, always good for a laugh.

Author: gtscpodcast