Movie quotes for you to tell your buddies at your next sewing circle 6/16/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s pick:

“We lib da pigh anna da…We lib da pigh anna da.” Waterboy (1998)

  • After a rough loss, Coach Farmer Fran consoles Bobby with these meaningful words of encouragement.
  • We live to fight another day – such a powerful statement. But when spoken in gumbo gibberish, it becomes just ridiculous. This phrase was a regular from me throughout my 20s. Any time things got tough, or my friends encountered a challenge, there I was with some cajun nonsense. Adam Sandler may have had some stinkers, but I’ll always love Farmer Fran.

Kevin Gootee’s pick

“The 2 most hurtful words in the English language are ‘good job.'” Whiplash 2014

JK Simmons tells Miles Teller’s character that line and boy, does that resonate with me. Especially with everyone getting participatory trophies in today’s times. Boy, I love using that quote whenever someone says, “good job.”

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