Movie quotes that are MUCH better than, “that’s what she said?” 6/30/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s quote of the week:

“And my axe!” – Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring (2001)

  • When the group of adventurers is forming to destroy the One Ring, Warrior Dwarf, Gimli, steps forward to swear his allegiance and provide his weapon while uttering this memorable line. 
  • I’m a huge geek and I LOVE this scene. I’ve said this line so many times I don’t even realize I’m saying it anymore (accent and all). It’s great when you’re making lists or assigning tasks.

Kevin Gootee’s quote of the week:

“Put a cork in it honey, Daddy’s talking’ business.” Great Outdoors (1988)

Dan Aykroyd on a (HUGE BRICK) cell phone call while cutting his nose hairs while Annette Benning is talking to him as well. This almost hits James Bond “Run along, man talk” (while smacking her ass) level of assholedom but it still makes me crack up. The wife LOVES that line…just kidding.

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