Movie quotes that may build your brownie points up with women or perhaps get some side eye by your buddies. Movie Quotes 3/16/21

Kevin Gootee’s pick:

“Can’t see the line, can you Russ?” (Christmas Vacation 1989)

Just dropped that this weekend in Tampa when my brother and me were at a bar in Tampa. A girl bent over with absolutely no underwear on and I figured now was the time to spring that beaut. My brother damn near did a spit take. And that’s why I’m a fucking professional and why you’re reading this blog.

Kevin Israel may really has begun tiptoeing out of the closet with this quote:

“What’s it with you and that dog?” – The Proposal (2009)

The Proposal is a rom-com that has a lot of problems, but Ryan Reynolds and Bullock are somewhat fun together. Bullock’s character has a fear of Reynolds’ family’s puppy…a VERY cute puppy. The dog spends most of the time creating problems for Bullock and finally Reynolds asks her, “What’s it with you and that dog?” It’s a genuinely funny moment in an otherwise mediocre film, but for some reason I say this line a lot. Usually when someone is complaining about a problem that isn’t really a problem. “Seriously bro, what’s it with you and that dog?”

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