Movie quotes to chuckle at while discussing the merits of daylight savings time 11/5/21

KG’s quote of the week:

“You know what I really want now.”

“An extra set of a balls and another hand?”

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987)

I miss the hell out of John Candy and you should too. His infectious laugh and delivery were amazing and he drops a bunch of gems in this classic.

“Well, that’s what I heard!” Ghostbuster (1984)

  • This is a tag to the much more famous, “It’s true, this man has no dick.” Peter Venkman yells it during the melee that ensues and I’d guess many people never even heard it. But, if you’ve seen the movie over 100 times, it sticks. I love this line because it’s said with such sarcastic innocence. Any time I have to give someone an insult, I try to follow up with, “well, that’s what I heard!”

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