Movie quotes to drop during parent teacher conference night 9/29/21

Kevin Gootee’s quote of the evening:

“Not quite my tempo”

Whiplash (2015)

I dropped this beauty when we were in Vegas 2 weeks ago when we were in XS and it was a DJ playing NOTHING but Latin music. That and country music immediately get me to head to the other direction, FAST. 2 drinks, $75 cover, and 45 minutes later, we walked right out there. After 10-15 minutes of walking in, I dropped that gem to my buddies and it was met with raucous laughter.

Kevin Israel’s quote of the evening:

“With a Pencil! Who does that?!” – John Wick 2 (2017)

  • The movie starts with a Russian mob boss regaling his lackey with the infamous story of Wick’s murder of a man with a simple pencil. When the lackey tries to blow it off like everyone knows this tale, the boss explodes and screams this line.
  • I love this line because it emphasizes who terrified everyone is of John Wick and it’s delivered by one of my favorite character actors, Peter Stormare. I say it often as a non sequitur and I ALWAYS try to nail Stormare’s accent – I rarely succeed.

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