Movie quotes to enlighten those who needed enlightening 11/18/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Gootee’s enlightening choice is:

“Run along honey, man talk.” (Goldfinger 1964)

Bond tells that to a woman so he and Felix Leiter can talk shop. Can you imagine if someone did that in today’s climate? He’d be tarred and feather faster than I turned off American Pie: Naked Mile. But it’s still fun for people who are in on the joke and know you’re joking.

Kevin Israel’s enlightening choice is:

“Nobody’s gonna beat that thing!” – (Dogma 1997)

  • In the final battle, when things look bleak, Jay tells Bethany that she said she’d have sex with him if the world was ending. Ben Affleck’s Bartleby seems to have things going his way, so Jay explains that they don’t stand a chance and says this line.
  • I love this quote. I usually misquote it and say, “nobody’s beating that guy,” but my intent is there. Any time things look bleak for a sports team or a task that seems impossible, I muster up my inner Jay and drop this cherry. Snoogins!

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