Movie quotes to make you a regular (living) Siskel and Ebert 4/13/21 GTSC Podcast

Kevin Gootee’s quote:

“Game over man, Game over!”-Aliens (1986)

-Probably Bill Paxton’s most memorable line in any of his movies ever done. This is where their rescue ship crashes and he realizes there’s no one coming to rescue them on the planet of Aliens.

-I mean, there are a TON of times to drop this beaut. Playing a video game and it’s over. Sporting event where a team is getting their ass kicked. Watching your buddy try to talk to a woman at a bar and she’s having nothing to do with him. This baby is a swiss army knife, useful for a ton of situations.

“Well, I’ll just tell your mother that, uh, we ate it all.” – American Pie (1999)

  • When Jim’s father discovers him using a warm apple pie in a way that goes against most intended uses for pies, comedic legend, Eugene Levy, delivers this subtle line meant to cover for his horny son.
  • While the image of Jim on top of a pie is burned into most of our memories, this line is really the punchline to the whole scene. I drop this quote from time to time whenever I catch someone doing something they shouldn’t. It’s a bit of a deeper cut over 20 years past AP’s release.

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