Movie quotes to share with the other parents you probably hate at your kid’s back to school night. 9/8/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Gootee’s quote of quotes:

“FUCK YOU, THAT’S MY NAME!” Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

You can pick out 10-15 lines from Baldwin’s monologue and people will nod their heads in agreement. You can drop that line whenever someone asks your name or for another name. Always gets a chuckle, take note.

Kevin Israel’s quote of quotes:

“What happened to your shirt?” Shang Chi (2021)

  • When the titular hero is brought out to fight in a public cage match, he is suddenly topless – sporting a physique that I’m sure he honed just for this moment. When his BFF sees the shirtless hero, she asks what we were all thinking.
  • This quote struck close to home. As someone known to go shirtless often, I’ve heard this quote long before it was a movie quote. But, going forward, when someone asks me where my blouse is, I’m going to respond with Shang Chi’s same silly shrug

Author: gtscpodcast