Movie quotes you can insert during checking out at the grocery store

Kevin Gootee loves to incorporate:

“We better teach this guy some control or he’s gonna kill somebody”- 1989 Major League

Ricky Vaughn is warming up on the mound throwing BBs and he’s missing the catcher by a yard. Love dropping that when you go on the boardwalk and see someone winding up to knock over the milk cartons and misses by a state.

Kevin Israel loves to incorporate:

“Show some balls, man!” – Spies Like UsWhen Dan Akroyd’s Millbarge yelled Chevy Chase’s Fitzhume to grow a pair, Fitzhume responds, “I think it’s too late to try and impress them”- I love this exchange. Classic dry Chase and an amazing response to something we often tell our buddies. To the next time someone tells you to sac up, remember what Fitzhume would say.

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