7/24 Movie Sequels we want or didn’t ask for

Hot damn, I was all ready to give a paragraph on how have we unfairly been denied “Demolition Man 2” but guess what, it’s in development!!  Don’t hold your breath as Corona has screwed everything up so at LEAST 2023.  So I decided to select Any Given Sunday, one of the most underrated football films I’ve seen.  If you remember the end AGS, Pacino quit the Miami team to coach the expansion franchise and then immediately signed Jamie Foxx.  Why can’t we get them in another film but Pacino is now a GM and Foxx a head coach?  Obviously, we need to get the greatest defensive player, Lawrence Motherfuckin’ Taylor, back in the fray.  And definitely bring back James Woods, he was PERFECT as the snarky doctor.  

Author: gtscpodcast