9/11 Movie Sequels we want to see and never asked: B&T 3

Bill and Ted
Kevin Israel

Bill & Ted Face the Music
Yeah, I know, I already talked about this in our “New Movie” blog. But, screw it, this needs to be said again.

WTF? This movie was so bad it’s like smoking bad cigar – you taste it for days and question all the decisions that lead up to you smoking the damn thing.

They had years AND YEARS to make this movie. I get it, this was never going to be “The Godfather,” but c’mon! They could have done better than this.

I think you could sit down with your average 10 year old and they could come up with something more sensical than the drivel that was Face The Music.

Party on, dudes? More like, party off….forever.

Kevin Gootee

Bruno 2
In the spirit of soon to be coming, Borat 2, why not go back to the well with a sequel for Bruno?  

The first one was hilarious; especially when he went on the camping trip with those rednecks.

Why not go back to the well with an already proven winner?

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