Movie sequels we’d pay oodles to see or turned up our noses at 5/21/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s choice:

I’m getting two bite at two apples this week, because I don’t care about “Venom: There will be Carnage” or “Rainbow Six” – the sequel to “Without Remorse”. Both original films did nothing to make me want more of either character and they left me feeling equally disinterested. Venom was a mess held together by a solid leading actor and Remorse was a snooze made just a bit more exciting by its lead. That isn’t another to warrant franchising either of these films. Look, I love a good sequel, but maybe we need to focus more on original properties. Not everything needs a number two…because they often end up smelling like…well….number two.

Kevin Gootee’s choice:

We didn’t need Major League 2 and I’ll assume 3 is just as bad. Didn’t think we had to keep up with Ricky Vaughn or Jake Taylor. But they did and wow, shamefully awful.

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