Movie tomfoolery? THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN! GTSC PODAST 11/17/21


Drunk or high people pass out in completely unbelievable places. For example, Grandma’s Boy (terrible film, vastly overrated and under funny), the main character falls asleep on the kitchen counter. I’ve been shitfaced many a time and never did I ONCE decide to throw my head down on the cold, hard, granite countertop. Let me see you drunkenly climb up on that thing and NOT fall off while sleeping. I declare bullshit.


Let’s dance. This might be an obvious one, but you know what doesn’t happen? Coordinated dance routines. Movies love them. At weddings, school dances, even just in the middle of an ordinary day. In my 45 years I have yet to see people break out into dance – flash mobs don’t count. As someone who knows that they can’t dance a step, seeing these perfectly coordinated moment drive me nuts, gives me anxiety, and makes me just a little bit jealous. Coordinated dancing – that doesn’t happen.

Author: gtscpodcast