Movies that should be already made, damnit! GTSC podcast 7/16/21

Kevin Gootee’s pitch:

Look, we got 2 Hulk movies; 1 was complete dogshit and the other was…fine. But now that Ruffalo has established himself as a serviceable Banner/Hulk. And every other character in the MCU is getting their own movie. Hell, Dr. Strange has/will have TWO movies and he’s a tertiary character at best. So why not give Hulk his own movie and continue to milk this series for every last drop?

Kevin Israel’s pitch:

Here’s a crazy idea, can we get a proper stand-up comedy movie? Something that really covers the ups and downs of being a working standup comedian. It’s not all comedy clubs and theaters. I want to see a comic playing VFWs and Knight of Columbus halls. There is so much to the industry that no one knows about, it could all make for a compelling film. It could be funny and dramatic and real. But none of this Adam Sandler nonsense…please.

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