Movies that we watch so you can play with your kids or someone else’s 11/19/21 GTSC podcast

KI has watched:

Red Notice (2021) – In the world of international crime, an Interpol agent attempts to hunt down and capture the world’s most wanted art thief.The Rock? Ryan Reynolds? Gal Gadot?! All in a buddy-cop/heist type movie?! How could you go wrong? Well, they do. This movie should have been great but it reveals the weakness of it’s lead caste when tied to a generic and uninteresting script. The Rock is the Rock. You know, big, charming, arrogant. And Reynolds, well he’s…he’s Deadpool. He’s pretty much Deadpool in everything. Then you have Gal Gadot who seems like…. you get my point. There is no character development, no interesting bad guy, and the plot is an amalgamation of movies that did it better. They even try to acknowledge that fact at points and it comes off as sad instead of funny. Nobody will argue the star power of these three, but this movie is just lazy. Maybe we can blame Netflix, but if you don’t need to see this one, don’t. 2/10.

KG has watched:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

I’ve seen this before when it was in theaters and fell asleep. I was EXTREMELY tired and that might have been the first time that ever happened. This film was loved and the fight scenes are awesome. But this story didn’t hold my attention for long and turned it off halfway through. Just don’t care and if you want to hate me for doing so, that’s on you.


Train to Busan (2016)

Zombies take over one of the Koreas (not important to the story) and infiltrate a train headed to…Cairo. Just kidding, you silly monkeys, Busan! A dad who ignores his daughter but escorting her to his divorced wife’s is stuck on said train when a zombie gets on and all h-e-double hockey sticks (so say those amazon 1 star reviewers) breaks looks. Believe it or not, solid as can be and wow, that ending will get you. It’s subtitled so be ready to do some reading


Grandma’s Boy (2006)

For those of you who try calling this is a classic, I’ll meet you outside anywhere for a talk. Cause this film suuuuuuuuucks. It’s not funny and Nick Swardsen is not either. There are TWO good lines and in case you missed it, it sucked. Big time. Paid $5 for it and I legit feel ripped off.


Hail Satan? (2016)

Documentary about Satan worshippers trying to avoid religious persecution (ba-dum, ching!) in today’s society. Barely held my interest, turned it off after 30 minutes.


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