Movies we’ve seen that you should see or probably avoid like someone who likes kale 1/27/21

Generation Wealth (2018)

A documentary on how money driven we are as a society and status. Spoiler alert: everyone is pretty much a piece of shit and we’re too materialistic to be considered to even sit in heaven’s waiting room. If you’re someone famous and spend money on nice clothes, you’re the reason people go to check cashing places and will be bankrupt. I’m paraphrasing but I just saved you 100 minutes of your life. 5/10

Don’t Breathe (2016)

3 garbage kids from Detroit (I didn’t need to say garbage as it’s usually inferred) break into peoples’ homes but this time, they broke into the wrong man’s home! (That had to be on 2342 movie posters in the history of film, right?) The trio busts into an old man’s house who happens to be a former military vet but he’s blind. So this watered down version of Daredevil shows these teens some real B&E…into their skulls. I was going for the cheesy saturday afternoon movie VO trailer guy. Hope it worked. This is a fun yet mindless quick view. If it’s on cable, give it a go. Won’t be worse than Wonder Woman 1984…so I heard.

Call of the Wild (2020)

  • Set during the 1890s Klondike Gold Rush, the film follows a dog named Buck as he is stolen from his home in California and sent to the Yukon, where he befriends an old outdoorsman and begins a life-altering adventure.
  • As a young boy, I was a huge Jack London fan. His books of adventure and heroics spoke to me. Plus, I love dogs. I was pretty excited when the announced Harrison Ford as the main (human) character and figured – they can’t go wrong. Welp, then they decided to use CGI dogs. Like all the dogs were always CGI’d. The main, main character in this is Buck, a dog. And that dog was CGI’d. I suppose it was done well, but it was still CLEARLY a cartoon dog. Yes, I understand that it would have been hard to get a real dog to do all the things Buck does in the movie. I’m sure they spent a lot of time on the decision to forgo a live pooch. But you know what? It was the wrong decision. You know how I know? Cause you’re probably reading this and thinking, “I didn’t even know about this movie.” Well, that’s because, while the movie wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t very good, and much of the blame lands squarely on the special effect pups. This movie was just a bad call…wild or otherwise.

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