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9/30 Movies we’ve seen

Judd Apatow loves making audiences watch his films that are longer than lines at the DMV Kevin Israel watched “The…

Movies we've seen: Tenet
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9/9 Movies we’ve seen: Tenet

KG: I saw Tenet and holy shit, do I have thoughts.  In fact, they’re all right here: Justice League Dark:…

Project Power
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8/20 Project Power : Films we’ve seen

KI: Project Power (2020) When a pill that gives its users unpredictable superpowers for five minutes hits the streets of…

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8/12 Armageddon: Kevin Israel LOVES this film, Kevin Gootee DOES NOT

KG: Constantine 2005: Keanu Reeves mixes a bit of Neo and John Wick as he tries to save a woman’s…

the breakfast club
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8/5 The Breakfast Club: This film…does not hold up. AT ALL.

KI: Only (2019) A couple (Will and Eva) is forced to hide after ash from a comet containing a virus…