No one wraps Christmas presents in movies or drinks at the bottom of a pool in real life. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 1/26/22

woman submerged underwater

Kevin Israel doesn’t buy:

That’s a wrap! Think of all the time you spent wrapping gifts over the years. It probably adds up. Well, here’s another reason to hate movie characters – they never wrap gifts! Don’t believe me? Watch the next time someone receives a gift in a movie. There’s no ripping or tearing. Sure, the gift looks wrapped, but then they just take the top off the box. It’s all a sham! Movies are a lie! Where can I get these magical boxes??? That doesn’t happen!

Kevin Gootee doesn’t buy:

We just watched Leaving Las Vegas and Nicholas Cage plays a cliched out of control alcoholic hell bent on killing himself. Well, I just found it insanely silly when NC decides to jump into a pool and drink a beer at the bottom of the pool. We’ve all done silly things in pools with drinks and if buttchugging isn’t one of them, you haven’t lived life yet. But drinking a beer at the bottom of pool, stop it. I guess drinking a Bud Light Lime at the bottom of a pool must be better than any other place to drink one cause the chlorine will offset the awful taste of a Bud Light Lime.

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