Off the beaten path quotes from Jaws and My Cousin Vinnie 1/27/22

Kevin Gootee pulls out:

“A tiger shark.”

“A whaaaaat?”

Here’s a glorified extra trying to put his own spin on a simple line and going WAY over the top. It sounds like he has a 64 IQ and is great when appearing to be perplexed in a group of your friends/colleagues/bail bondsman

Kevin Israel pulls out:

“Take your time, pick the right words, get back to New York and give me a call.” – My Cousin Vinny

  • At the end of the movie Vinny’s cousin wants to thank him but can’t find the words. Vinny is trying to rush out but in an attempt to be polite Vinny says to send him a letter.
  • I love this quote and use it all the time. Whenever someone says, “I don’t know what to say,” as a gesture of appreciation, I call upon the lauded attorney, Vincent Gambini.

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