One of these days, screenwriters will learn from our THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN segments. 2/2/22

Kevin Gootee hates when-

We just watched Breakfast Club and wow, this entire film is one big THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN. But I truly lost my shit when right after they smoke weed, Emilio Estevez jumps and dances around like it was PCP he smoked. THEN, he shouts so loudly the glass in the door breaks. Are you fucking kidding me? Weed doesn’t make you act like you mainlined cocaine into your urethra. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN.

Kevin Israel hates when-

Keep the change. How often do you buy something and after you give the cashier the money, you just walk out? Never! You ALWAYS get your change! You know why? Because you’re not a psycho…or a billionaire. Well, people in movies don’t have time for change. Doesn’t matter if its 35 cents or 35 dollars, they’re throwing down the cash and walking out. Welp….that doesn’t happen. Gimme my damn change!

Author: gtscpodcast