8/21 Hot new movie news: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Plains, Trains and Automobiles

They’re rebooting Planes, Trains, and Automobiles


CBR.com recently featured a quote from director Paul W.S. Anderson about his new movie, Monster Hunter. The film is based off the popular videogame of the same name and Anderson explains why he doesn’t think video game movies are necessarily “cursed.” The movie stars Milla Jovovich  who Anderson also directed in all of the Resident Evil movies. So, maybe video game movies aren’t cursed, but I think with all the information I just provided that we can all agree this movie is going straight to bombs-ville. 


Here we go yet again.  Taking a CLASSIC and remaking it for what reason?  Will Smith and Kevin Hart are gonna try to sully our memories with a surefire rendition of something worse than Lena Dunham in a 2 piece bikini.  I won’t see the Total Recall, Point Break, or Robocop reboots and you can add this double ended dildo to the list.

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