Quick witted quotes to quip at a quorum GTSC podcast 8/5/21

Kevin Israel’s quote of the week:

“He’s like a piece of iron” – Rocky IV (1985)

  • When Rocky’s Soviet opponent can’t bring the Italian Stallion down, he tells his coaches that he can’t seem to break the American.
  • This is an iconic line that I’ve used in a variety of circumstances, it works best when describing someone who is specifically NOT like Rocky. You know, ironically. When my father-in-law passed out on the couch after eating a box of donuts, yeah…he’s like a piece of iron.

Kevin Gootee’s quote of the week:

“Who eats cock?” “Bunch of savages in this town.”- Clerks (1994)

Randall walks into the store to see Dante holding a sign that asks the most important question next to, “what is the meaning of life?” I absolutely love dropping the, “bunch of savages in this town,” line whenever you see hear something or someone of lower value.

Author: gtscpodcast