Sequels we want to see 11/6/20


Kevin Israel’s pick

2015’s “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” (too many damn periods) was an underrated film that had some great action, a few laughs, and a relatively unique story. Plus, with Armie Hammer and Henry Caville, it was capable of making every man feel ugly and dumpy. But “Hammerville” (that’s what I’ve coined the duo – patent pending), had awesome chemistry and really worked well woff of each other. It was an intriguing movie that wasn’t quite as confusing as a Mission Impossible (which also featured half of Hammerville). I hope we get to see these two back on the screen together and I know it would make my wife happy as she glares at me wondering why she settled for half a man. Wait…do I want a sequel? 

The Man from Uncle was a snooze fest for me as most Guy Ritchie films have been of late.

Kevin Gootee’s pick

I’m an unabashed early Jim Carrey fan so I’ll choose for this week’s sequel I wish they would do is Me, Myself, and Irene. Wouldn’t take much for Charlie to snap back into his alter ego, Hank. Especially how Renee Zelleweger complained transformed into a frozen duck. Or with the current election nonsense. And goddamn, his adopted black kids must be up to some good ol fashioned tomfoolery.

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