Stuff we watched and may recommend 1/13/21 GTSC podcast

  • Kevin Israel has viewed:
  • Being the Ricardos (2021)
  • In 1952, Hollywood power couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz face personal and professional obstacles that threaten their careers, their relationship, and their hit television show.
  • This definitely was not what I expected but seeing the behind the scenes machinations of a show I grew up on combined with some recreations of famous scenes was a lot of fun. The whole cast did a great job even though Kidman’s face still scares me. The mvoie dragged a little at points and I would have liked to see more recreated scenes, but I did really enjoy it. 7/10

Kevin Gootee has viewed:

Scream 2 (1997)

I’m rewatching this series in preparation for a less than mediocre Scream 5 that comes out this week. Scream 2 was really shitty, tough rewatch. Although it was fun seeing young versions of Joshua Jackson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rebecca Gayhart, Timothy Olyphant, and Heather Graham. But this was the weakest or 2nd weakest (Scream 4 wasn’t good) of the series.


A Prophet (2009)

A french teen is in jail run by the Corsican mob. This film started out good and then around 1:40 in, began to really drag. Guess what? Another 40 minutes left! Warning: subtitles And so I bid adieu to this film and shut it right off.


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