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Movies that we watch so you can play with your kids or someone else’s 11/19/21 GTSC podcast

KI has watched: Red Notice (2021) – In the world of international crime, an Interpol agent attempts to hunt down…

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1/22/20 More movie sequels we want to see or never asked for

Kevin Israel’s proposal: We apparently have a sequel to “The Hitman’s Bodygaurd” on the way – “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodygaurd”….

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Movie news 1/12/21 You excited about Deadpool 3?

Kevin Israel’s news: Rated R Deadpool! That’s right, Kevin Feige just announced that Disney is moving head with Deadpool 3…

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#listof10 worst Marvel films 1/4/21

Kevin Israel’s picks New Mutants – the first few movies are ones I haven’t even bothered to see, so I’ll…

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#listof10 Top 10 Marvel Movies 12/28/20 GTSC podcast

Top 10 Marvel Movies Captain America: First Avenger – This might not be the “best” Marvel movie, but it’s my…