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Movies that Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel enjoyed or flat out hated 4/25/21

What Kevin Gootee recommends or hated: Mortal Kombat (2021) Kevin Israel and me both caught this and did a review…

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Movies that we’ve (re)watched recently that you should add to your queues or flat out ignore 3/18/21

Kevin Gootee has (re)watched- Sorry, I’m NEVER watching Tom and Jerry’s movie. I found them boring as a kid and…


What annoys you about films that they try to pass off as “normal” occurrences? THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 3/15/21 GTSC PODCAST

Kevin Gootee’s selection: Sports movies where the coach has a kid and they kid is insanely annoying and overly rambunctious….

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Movie news 2/25/21

2 pieces of movie new from KG: Glory, glory hallejullah! Movie theaters are reopening in NYC at reduced capacity. You…

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Movie news 1/12/21 You excited about Deadpool 3?

Kevin Israel’s news: Rated R Deadpool! That’s right, Kevin Feige just announced that Disney is moving head with Deadpool 3…