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Trailer talk: If you’re not surprised by this, good for you, you’re learning. We did a Spiderman: Far From Home…

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All the movie news that’s fit to blog 10/27/21 GTSC podcast

KG says: Brendan Fraser is going to play Firefly in the upcoming Batgirl film. From the recent looks of his…

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Movies that should be already made, damnit! GTSC podcast 7/16/21

Kevin Gootee’s pitch: Look, we got 2 Hulk movies; 1 was complete dogshit and the other was…fine. But now that…

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BEST movie news from 2 hilarious comedians

Good news and bad news….

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Hot movie dish right here! 10/15

KG: Goddamnit, this Corona virus continues to screw with movie release schedule. I was annoyed to see that Halloween Kills…