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Movie sequels we’d pay oodles to see or turned up our noses at 5/21/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s choice: I’m getting two bite at two apples this week, because I don’t care about “Venom: There will…

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What are we watching? None of your damn business. Just kidding, that’s the whole point of this article. 5/19/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Gootee has watched: It’s all been a bunch of old stuff I’ve rewatched when I was away at training…

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More sequel talk from your two favorite movie hosts 5/15/21

Kevin Gootee’s sequel: Shit, I want to see Hackers 2 for mainly 1 reason: give me another batch of soundtracks….

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What we’ve seen and what you should sidestep 5/12/21

Kevin Gootee’s viewings: Star Trek Into Darkness: Meh. Starfleet gets attacked, a guy who turns out to be Khan has…