Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel each pick something they see in films that they try to pass off as regular occurrences.

Kevin Israel’s pick:

  • The girl goes for the “nice guy” (insert geek, nerd, socially awkward guy).
  • We’ve seen it countless times, right? The prettiest girl in school, who’s dating the star QB, ends up with the math nerd because….reasons. That doesn’t happen! It just doesn’t. Middle school, high school, and college kids are just too shallow to look deep for that certain something. Look, sure, once everyone’s matured a little and realized that it’s not all booze and biceps, then the little guy has a shot. But movies make you think that an 18 year old kid will see past your social awkwardness because you’re a great person. Well, 18 year olds are assholes. More likely, that 18 year old will string you along because they like attention and then leave you waiting at the movie theater because they got invited to a party and now you have to go see Jurassic Park by yourse….wait, what were we talking about?

Kevin Gootee’s pick:

Look, I’m already suspending disbelief for many components of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I mean, they pull a guy’s still beating heart of his chest with MINIMAL blood loss and I’m still nodding my head in acceptance. Then, they lower the poor bastard into a magma pit (didn’t know Pankot palace had access to the core or was built on a volcano) and he catches fire 2/3 of the way down. But the THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN moment for me is when they lowered Willie the shrill sidekick into the lava pit and they pull her out, WITHOUT ANY 2ND OR 3RD DEGREE BURNS, LET ALONE BURSTING INTO FLAMES AT THE SAME DISTANCE THE FIRST GUY WAS DROPPED TO. Consistency is BIG with me and this failed big time in this department.

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